Kidimedia builds iPad apps for education
Kidimedia is a safe, digital playground for 3-7 year olds.
Designed for the iPad, a variety of educational games will entertain, stimulate and challenge your child.
We, the founders, are 3 dads of young children. We were frustrated by the lack of open, safe and age-appropriate educational games for the iPad. Our friends and family felt the same. There are many educational apps out there, but they are all point solutions: they do one (or a few) things well, but there’s no breadth to them. This means kids have to switch from app to app but they all have different user interfaces, making it difficult for young kids to find their way. And it's expensive too.

We strongly believe in the power of groups and collaborative development. Inspired by the wikipedia project, Kidimedia is an open, free(*), collaborative, multilingual educational game for children aged 3 to 7 years old. The educational games in Kidimedia are created collaboratively by parents like you.
Contributing to the project is not mandatory, but highly appreciated. You don't have to invest lots of time, we know how busy the lives of young parents and teachers are - we're living that busy life ourselves every day! The simple act of providing feedback, suggesting a topic or voting on ideas would already be very helpful. Creating new games would be amazing. Thanks so much for your help!

We opted to create Kidimedia on the iPad because it is an intuitive device for young children. It allows them to focus on the journey unfolding. The iPad is brilliant in its simplicity. Kids can pick it up and immediately understand how to navigate and use the device with little guidance. The iPad offers portability not available in other devices. Through the Kidimedia app, the iPad becomes a go-anywhere, all day learning device that allows kids to explore, learn and play at their own pace and in their own way.

We have great plans for Kidimedia, and the 1.0 version that is currently available in the iTunes App Store offers just a glimpse of what's to come. We'll be releasing regular updates with significant new features in the coming weeks and months.

(*) Basic usage of Kidimedia will always be free of charge and free of ads. Because the content of Kidimedia is hosted on web servers and streamed on demand to the iPad, we get a considerable hosting bill from our ISP every month. We believe your kids are exposed to advertisement more than is good for them already, so we have choosen to turn Kidimedia into a paid app to help us cover these costs. We have tried to keep the price as low as possible, but could not reduce it all the way down to zero. Thanks for your understanding.
Kidimedia is also free in the sense that there are very few restrictions for creating your own games in Kidimedia. All we ask is that the games are age appropriate.

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